global warming

The Daily Caller

VA Backlog Months Neglected Medical Records Memphis Veterans | The Daily Caller

Connecticut Obamacare Exchange Glitch Thousands Coverage | The Daily Caller

New Regulations Force Doctors To Choose Between Expensive Medicine And More Visits | The Daily Caller

The Daily Signal

Steve Moore Demolishes Obama’s Argument for More Border Security Funding

Hobby Lobby Does Want Bosses Out of the Bedroom. Why Are These Liberal Senators Against That?

House Republicans Attempt to Lift “Veil of Secrecy” From Federal Reserve

#BringBackOurGirls Isn’t Trending Anymore. But the Girls Still Aren’t All Free.

Christian News

California Governor Signs Homosexual Bill Eliminating Terms ‘Husband’ and ‘’ | Christian News Network


Hugh Hewitt

“Democrats’ Strategy: Divert Media from Big Donors’ Big Gifts” By Clark S. Judge « The Hugh Hewitt Show

Godfather Politics

Chuck Schumer Says Religion No Longer Counts in America


Anti-Hobby Lobby Bill Introduced in Senate: Yes, They Hate Christianity Enough to Do This… |

The Left Officially Declares War on God |

‘Gay-friendly’ Churches Spit Towards Heaven |

All By Itself, Abortion Is An Abomination |

Charisma News

Benham Bros Reveal ‘Stonghold’ They Wanted to Destroy, Say ‘Goal Was Never to Get Our Show Back’

Christian Post

Do Evangelical Churches Have to Accept Gay Marriage to Attract Millennials?


MSNBC Guest on Immigration: Catholic Help is Good as Long as They Don’t Talk Jesus – Greg Hengler

Obama Skitters, Scampers and Scuttles Away From Failure – Michael Barone – Page 1

Weasel Zippers

Palin: The Case For Impeachment | Weasel Zippers

Second Federal Judge Orders IRS To Explain “Lost” Lerner Emails Under Oath | Weasel Zippers

California Church Gives Travel Cash To Illegal Aliens, Sends Them East | Weasel Zippers

The Right Scoop

UGH: TSA allowing illegals to fly our friendly skies with no photo ID » The Right Scoop –

Mark Levin explains why Boehner’s lawsuit is irresponsible and very risky » The Right Scoop –


We Could Close Everything During the Gov’t Shutdown, But We Can’t Close the Border? – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Yes, the Mexican Government is Facilitating the Immigrant Influx from Central America – The Rush Limbaugh Show

No ID? No Problemo! Welcome Aboard, Illegals – The Rush Limbaugh Show


Egyptian Cleric: Muslim Brotherhood Authorizes ‘Anal Jihad’ for Lonely Terrorists

Michelle Obama to Latinos: We Can’t Wait for Congress to Fix Immigration

L’Oreal Dumps Model Discovered at World Cup for Posting Photo of Gazelle Hunt

Dr. Roy Spencer: Science Knows ‘Almost Nothing’ About Global Warming

Taxpayer Funded Wind Turbine Scrapped After It Produced Just £5 Of Electricity



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