Godfather Politics

The “Dead Broke” Hillary and Bill Meme

Two Men, Three Women, a Goat, and a Baby

The Daily Signal

Clinton: Released Taliban Leaders ‘Not a Threat to the United States’

Teachers Unions Vow to Appeal Tenure Ruling in California

The Issue that Likely Fueled Cantor’s Defeat


Limited Government, Gay Marriage & The Future | RicochetRicochet

California Gets it Right … Beautifully, Beautifully Right | RicochetRicochet

The First Amendment in the Crosshairs | RicochetRicochet


Forced ‘Sensitivity Training’: The Murder of a Soul |

Openly ‘Transgender’ Preacher Puts Church on Wrong Side of History |

Trinity Of Evil: Satanism, Sodomy-Based ‘Marriage,’ and Abortion |

Obama’s Cloward-Piven Immigration Strategy |

Hot Air

Chuck Hagel: Bergdahl swap didn’t set any new precedents « Hot Air

One News Now

Senate Republicans block student loan bill

The Weekly Standard

Did Democratic Meddling Defeat Eric Cantor? | The Weekly Standard

Christian Post

Southern Baptists Pass Transgender Resolution, Disavow Efforts to Alter ‘Bodily Identity’

Charisma News

The Obama Administration’s Slow-Motion Surrender to Jihad

WATCH: What ‘Duck Dynasty’ Producer Really Thinks About Phil Robertson’s Biblical View of Homosexuality

Weasel Zippers

White House Says It’s “Energetically” Working To Release Remaining Gitmo Terrorists… | Weasel Zippers

Al Gore Compares Global Warming Alarmism To The Civil Rights Movement… | Weasel Zippers

Dem Primary Winner For Governor Of Nevada: “None Of The Above”… | Weasel Zippers


Reading Between the Lines of Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ – Jonah Goldberg – Page 1

Red State

The gulf between Americans and their Ruling Class can be measured with amnesty | RedState


Warning: Amnesty is Not Necessarily Dead – The Rush Limbaugh Show


National Journal Analyst: Jeb Bush ‘Big Loser’ in Cantor Defeat



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