The Foundry

Gun Control Won’t End Mass Shootings

Obama Will Bypass Congress to Implement Cap-and-Trade Plan


#YesAllWomen’s Wasted Opportunity | RicochetRicochet

Why Not Tax Tenure? | RicochetRicochet


Purposes of Marriage: Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Strikes Out |

Pro-Abort Comedian Sarah Silverman Calls Unborn Babies ‘Goo’ |

Freedom Requires Virtue, Which Requires Faith |

Now Obama Blames Our Founding Fathers! |

Church Must Call for Exodus from Public Schools |

Hot Air

Ahead of power-plant regs, new report from the White House: Basically everything good that’s happened in the energy sector is because of us. You’re welcome. « Hot Air

White House aides say Shinseki on “probation” « Hot Air

One News Now

‘Whoops’ not enough after students shown homosexual propaganda

Officials: Measles tally doubled in the past month

The Weekly standard

Michelle: I Wake Up, Go to Bed ‘Worrying About the Health and Well-Being Of … Every Kid In This Country’ | The Weekly Standard

Christian Post

Pro-Life Group Releases Scathing 6-Year Investigative Report on Planned Parenthood

How Bad of a Nightmare Are Middle East Christians Living?

Charisma News

Robert Redford May Play Oral Roberts in ‘There-Is-No-Hell’ Carlton Pearson Biopic

Robert Redford May Play Oral Roberts in ‘There-Is-No-Hell’ Carlton Pearson Biopic


MA Lawmaker Launches Sweeping Gun Bill – Sarah Jean Seman

The Monsters We’re Making – Derek Hunter – Page 1

Weasel Zippers

If You Watch Lots Of Porn, Your Brain Will Be Smaller | Weasel Zippers

Compare And Contrast: Obama Vs. Bush’s Reception At West Point… | Weasel Zippers

Mooch Attacks House Republicans For Trying To “Undo” Her “Accomplishments”… | Weasel Zippers

Biden Urges Air Force Cadets To Create A “New World Order”… | Weasel Zippers

Red State

America is not a Dumping Ground | RedState

Tech at Night: No privacy regulation until we see evidence people want any. | RedState

The Right Scoop

Mark Levin: Obama is a serious revolutionary who believes this country is built on a foundation of evil » The Right Scoop –


CA Latino Caucus Chair: Teaching Kids in English ‘Linguistic Tyranny’

California Voters Consider Seceding to Create Nation’s 51st State

U.S. Census Bureau to Recognize Same-Sex Couples as ‘Families’


The Drive-By Media Can’t Define the Obama Doctrine — But We Can – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Forever in Awe of the US Military – The Rush Limbaugh Show



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