Look it’s not a popularity contest with God, we can’t judge our brothers and sisters hearts and minds but we can judge their actions and their outcomes God expects that. 1 John 4 tells us to test each other otherwise do we just trust someone because they have a big pretty church with lots of members or they frequent your favorite talk show on daytime TV. –

The Hill

Pelosi’s message to grads: Be disruptors

Hot Air

Bring back the firing squad? Maybe.

Shocker: seven in ten favor voter ID laws


The Foundry

How Conservatives Can Outsmart Liberals on the Issue of Inequality


Evolution vs. the ‘Gay Gene’ Myth (DNA)

The Surreal World Of Islam, Where Truth Is A Lie And Captivity Is Freedom

Transgenderism, Sexual Abuse and Educated Fools

How Liberalism Violates All 10 Commandments


Beware of Corporations Teaming Up With State Governments – Kevin Glass

Comrade Liberals: Respect Satanism as Culture and Myth – John Ransom

Christian Post

One Million Men Porn Free Pastor: Churches Not Doing Enough to Fight Pornography

Christian ‘Sexperts’ Expose Dangers of Erotica as ‘Fifty Shades’ Tops 100 Million Sales, Prepares for Big Screen

Pregnant Christian Mother Sentenced to Death in Sudan Has Long Legal Battle Ahead; Husband Praying

The Church Needs More Tattoos

Red State

The Defeat of Enlist Act Amnesty and Why #Primaries Matter

Washington Post: 1 million Americans may be getting incorrect Obamacare subsidies.


President Obama’s Big Carbon Crackdown Readies for Launch



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